More precisely in the digital world, I bring my skills in UX research and UX writing.

Benefits of UX Design

Whether it's a digital application, a service or a product, everything is in fact an opportunity to live an experience that we hope is clear, simple, stimulating, perfectly meeting our current needs. UX design or "user experience" is at the heart of these concerns, from research and knowledge of the user until the ideal product is in his hands after various phases combining creativity, design, prototyping and testing.

👉 Make a digital service easy to use

Thanks to the phase of research and user knowledge, it is possible to precisely identify its need & its mode of operation, its culture, its uses etc... with this information, it is then possible to create the product or service the more efficient. adapted and therefore simple, ergonomic, efficient and above all pleasant to use.

👉 Increase the use of a digital service

As the creator of a service, you want users to use it regularly. For this, a responsible UX approach will ensure that your service is a real resource for your user, that it allows him to live better (and not to stimulate him and hold his attention in a different and much less ethical interest). ...)

👉 Perfectly address the needs of your users

To fully understand how to help users meet their needs, what better way than to work directly WITH this person to define and meet them? The formats of research, design and test workshops will allow users to be permanently integrated into an approach of which they are at the heart.

👉 Develop a digital product with your users

Everyone changes over time and the world also changes very quickly. It is by being as close as possible to users on a daily basis that it is possible to detect the micro evolutions of their needs and thus to be able to trigger micro adjustments and updates allowing us to always stick as closely as possible to their expectations.

👉 Make sure to build a useful, viable and sustainable digital product

4 dimensions in UX design to always take into account: meet the real need, ensure the viability of the economic model to be put in place to meet this need (business model), validate the feasibility (whether technical or human ) & make sure to build a sustainable project, that is to say integrating more broadly the impacts it can have on its ecosystem, in particular the environment.


👉 To discover some case studies and examples (fr) 📚 Go to my Notion page with partners like Kreative, WWF, Playgrnd, Décathlon, Saint Gobain...


If you feel that the UX Design process can meet the needs of your project, do not hesitate to contact me directly and let's talk about it. 👇

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