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I develop several design approaches to fully meet the needs of the initiatives and projects that I support. This process is called "MetaDesign".

Design research

At the crossroads of anthropological and ethnographic research practices, design research seeks to understand real needs in a well-defined context.

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Asking the right question at the right time generates relevant, creative, adequate answers and reveals the essence of what the project needs.

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Systemic & complex Design

To solve complex problems (wicked problems) , it is necessary to be able to draw them and thus visualize them in the form of systems. This map becomes the support for a study involving all the stakeholders and experts necessary to face the complexity.

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Design thinking

The proven cooperative design methods and tools make it possible to move from a well-identified problem or need to a prototype solution and push it into the test phase to iterate quickly.

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Design Sprint

This is a recipe over 3 to 5 days of the design process. It allows you to go from a challenge to a tested prototype in just one week.

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Design Fiction

Sometimes, to prioritize projects in the present, you already need to know what future you want to create. From a fictitious creation of a desired future, it is possible to trace the return to the present and all the steps to be implemented along the way. Thus, it is possible to determine the first actions to be implemented today to move in the direction of the future that we wish to see exist.

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Community Design

Whether it is to sell a product or a service or to launch a movement, it is necessary to gather a community around your dynamics. To do this, you have to think about the foundations and build the system on which everything will be based.

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And more precisely in the digital world, I bring my skills in UX research and UX writing. 👉 Discover the benefits of UX design.


Want to know more about the Designs approaches? You can read my 2021 Designs manifesto and this thread on Twitter about Designs & Ecology. (fr)

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