What am I working on right now?

  • Support for EDF R, which is experimenting with a territory design approach.
  • Continuous support for those responsible for the transformation pole of Pôle Emploi to provide them with good design practices, tools and methods for the proper conduct of their internal projects.
  • Develop the Design Sprint with Design Sprint Ltd as a fellow.
  • Support for Millet's transformation through collective intelligence with Archipel Kyosei.


  • Participate in the development of the collective model "archipelago" with Archipel Kyosei.
  • Development of the Second Brain project.


  • Finalize the new structure of my website.
  • Preparation for content creation to feed my different approaches.
  • Continue to strengthen my English by writing threads on Twitter


  • Practice yoga daily to prepare my body for my 90th birthday.
  • Caring for my 1.5 year old baby girl.
  • Make music, when I have a little time left ...
  • Document everything I do on RoamResearch for my future self.

// OLD //

Here you find past projects. 👇