What am I working on right now?

  • Develop systems design in cooperation with Playgrnd
  • Develop the Design Sprint with Design Sprint Ltd as a fellow
  • Develop territorial transformations with NEOZ as a partner
  • I work with a web3 organization for its community design
  • I work with Gregor Ozbolt to address the needs of CEOs that look for regenerative impact
  • I help the foundation Ilyse (industrial sector) to improve its support and design thinking process
  • I help a company in e-commerce to keep its growth thanks to the implementation of good business and management process
  • I co-create a Notion template to unroll a Design Sprint in total autonomy
  • I accompany a company in green energy (Valorem) to integrate a design approach for its development
  • I create systems to pilot and organize your business on Notion
  • I develop a training center in design thinking in Lyon
  • I give training to project and business management thanks to Notion
  • I accompany a hybrid school about the circular economy to build its management and animation system of its learning community on Notion


  • Participate in the development of the collective model "archipelago" with Archipel Kyosei
  • I write a book about regenerative designs (pause)
  • I write a book about a new regenerative approach to develop territories in France (pause)
  • I create templates for Notion
  • Develop step by step the Second Brain project (pause)
  • Develop my knowledge of web3, DAO, and NFTs by investing in specific projects (pause)
  • following the MOOC "Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems" (pause)
  • I give conferences to present how to pilot an organization with Notion


  • Create content to feed my different approaches
  • (Build the framework of my community design approach) (pause)
  • Continue to strengthen my English by writing threads on Twitter


  • Practice yoga daily to prepare my body for my 90th birthday
  • Shamanic meditation and drums to keep my heart open
  • Caring for my 4yo baby girl
  • Make music and mix sessions
  • Document everything I do and think on RoamResearch, Obsidian, Logseq, Workflowy, and Notion for my future self and others

// OLD //

Here you find past projects. 👇

  • I help a luxury jewelry manufacturer to improve its international production processes
  • I accompany the Chambers of Commerce and Artisanat of Lyon in the transformation of ecological support professions
  • I create a workshop to help a bank (CERA) with its recruitment problems
  • I am preparing a conference on "ecological redirection by design" for agile Grenoble 22
  • Develop Community Design with Airparty
  • prepare 3 discovery workshops: systemic design (with Playgrnd), design fiction (agile Lyon 22) & circular design sprint (biennale du design) 
  • Support for the merger of 2 rural municipalities and the redefinition of their organization chart
  • (Learn the creator economy culture and framework)
  • Villette Makerz - Creation of a management system for an independent school on Notion. To manage course sessions, and projects and create a shared knowledge base
  • Adeo - Implementation of a Data service and all the necessary ecosystem in a large French group
  • Bosch Rexroth - revision and reorganization of the shared vision and business model of a large industrial group
  • Saint Gobain - 3 days new digital product kick-off - lead design
  • Decathlon - lead design, project management, and workshop facilitation
  • Continuous support for those responsible for the transformation pole of Pôle Emploi to provide them with good design practices, tools, and methods for the proper conduct of their internal projects
  • User research for a project aimed at supporting companies engaged in the ecological transition
  • 2 days of complex project management training with Trello
  • 5 days Design Sprint with the STIB-MIVB - Brussels
  • Support EDF R, which is experimenting with a territory design approach for energy development. (In the process of finalizing the drafting of the swarming guide which will make it possible to duplicate the experience more widely)
  • Lead a series of workshops that will co-construct the specifications for a learning center under construction on a Lyon campus
  • Support the structuring of a knowledge and project management system for a Parisian school focused on the economy and circular design
  • Support for Millet's transformation through collective intelligence with Archipel Kyosei
  • Co-construction workshop for the Europe tech Summit with French Tech ST Etienne