Chief of Staff

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Chief of Staff

I support business leaders, as external Chief of Staff, in organizing, developing, and adapting their companies to the new challenges that arise. 

With over 15 years of experience working with leaders from various sectors, I am able to understand the needs of your company and develop a customized strategy and operational action plan to address them, whether you lead a small, medium, or large company.

We closely collaborate to manage organizational changes, improve efficiency or develop new skills, and I support each step of the process by adopting a pragmatic approach to solve your current problems and achieve your goals. 

To do this, I provide you with tools, methods, and expertise tailored to the needs of today’s business to work on the vision, define strategies, develop action plans, choose operational tools, and implement governance and cooperation methods to activate teams with precision and efficiency, regardless of the level of complexity.

I regularly share the latest trends, updates, and insights to help you anticipate changes ahead on my newsletter (in french).

You can book a first free hour together to initiate discussions and enable me to conduct an initial assessment of your situation. 

💙 Philosophy

I work exclusively with executives and leaders who have genuine and authentic intentions, committing myself to their cause and bringing my experience, expertise, and passion to support their aspirations of a healthy and prosperous organization.

I strongly believe that the key to a thriving economy lies in good "organizational ecology”, which involves making wise choices and taking well-placed actions. 

My goal is to ensure that we move forward together in a smart way, without wasting time or energy on ineffective initiatives. I am your partner at every stage of the process, from strategic reflection to operational implementation, and we regularly measure our results to ensure we are on the right track. 

My commitment is to help you achieve autonomy and continue progressing towards your goals, without ever making you dependent on me.

🎖️ Warranties

Satisfaction: If you are not satisfied with the advice or support provided, you can request a refund or a revision of the work.

Quality: I commit to providing high-quality, professional support that meets your expectations. If the service does not meet these standards, I commit to revising it or refunding it.

Confidentiality: You can rest assured that any information shared with me will be treated confidentially.