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I support cooperative projects from creation and launch to medium-term development. I bring them digital tools, methods and good practices allowing a smooth development of their initiatives.


The most complete approach to integrate a large number of people from the initiation of a project and take into account a large number of constraints and data.

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Async teamwork

Each contributor to a team can work whenever they want, especially remotely, significantly reducing the number of unnecessary meetings and increasing the quality of the work produced.

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Online facilitation

A facilitating posture and online tools to improve the quality of remote meetings by replacing long discussions with workshops that get straight to the point.

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Digital best practices

The right tools and uses of digital improve the quality of a project's development and reduce the cognitive load on contributors.

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How to Make Time

Many tips and best practices to free your time from repetitive and tiring tasks as well as tools and methods to fill your week according to your energy and your real priorities.

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