A facilitating posture and online tools to improve the quality of remote meetings by replacing long discussions with workshops that get straight to the point.

Benefits of Online facilitation

Online facilitation is another way to facilitate the work of remote teams. It considerably reduces traditional meetings at work in the form of a workshop, even by 1 hour. Everyone's contributions are more easily taken into account and integrated, in the interest of the project, and all participants are at the same level of involvement. It is thus possible to co-construct at each common moment while integrating and really valuing all the participants.

👉 Turn long and tiring remote meetings into stimulating and productive workshops

A facilitator and a digital whiteboard are what you need for your next remote meetings. Thanks to this posture and the right digital tools, you can increase the efficiency of online interactions tenfold and restore all their interest to each remote timeshare rather than getting lost in another videoconference...

👉 Improve team cooperation

Cooperating means integrating everyone's contributions and we now know that the framework of a classic video meeting is not the most suitable: some talk a lot and others are sometimes falsely present... a facilitator who will prepare a real program, animating it, energizing and setting all participants in motion is necessary to come and make the most of each online interaction.

👉 Streamlining and derisking important decision-making

Making decisions is already not easy but our habits do not help: a presentation of a few slides on video and an open discussion often lead to endless and sometimes violent debates... during which everyone loses the thread and risks losing the lucidity necessary to make the right decisions.

The posture of the facilitator and his animation will allow a structured and interactive sharing of information, a moment during which everyone will be able to express themselves and react, as little as possible orally for more efficiency! He will help all the points of view to be expressed and will hold a synthesis allowing the participants to follow the course and to decide in full knowledge of the facts.

👉 Optimize remote project management

The open discussions of traditional meetings are often invitations to endless debates. At the end of the meeting sometimes, nothing really progressed. With an online facilitator, the project team has the necessary guide to streamline co-construction and suitable digital tools to allow all participants to express themselves and participate with the same level of involvement.

👉 Integrate and promote all the contributors to a project

Extroverts have the upper hand during meetings, while introverts never have a safe enough environment to participate. The facilitator will put everyone on the same level and thus allow the group to benefit from the points of view and expertise of all the participants, which has the effect of improving the results at the end of the online workshop and value each member.


👉 To discover some case studies and examples (fr) 📚 Go to my Notion page with partners like Vinci construction, Startup inside, Clarins...


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