Tools to note and organize non-linear and systemic information to build databases of resources accessible to cooperative projects.

Benefits of these digital tools

These new tools allow you to free your brain from the constraints of more common tools with an unnatural structure. Tana, Roam, Worflowy, Notion, Logseq or Obsidian are “Tools for thoughts” and therefore real tools to help you structure and organize your thinking, connect and enrich your ideas, whether you are alone or with others.

👉 Increase your writing and note-taking skills

Take the worry out of the organization when taking notes. All you have to do is declare terms between tags, tag parts of texts and tomorrow, you can easily find your notes on reference pages so that these terms come back in your notes and develop them.

👉 Create smart links between your notes and project documents

Usually, a document is in a folder and we navigate from folder to folder. With these tools, you can jump from a paragraph in one document to a paragraph in another linked one with just one click. You can read information that is stored everywhere very easily, with the same agility as bouncing from idea to idea in your head.

👉 Make each project a resource for another

You can easily embed part of a project into another project if it's a resource for you, but without moving or copying that content. Thus, you reuse elements without creating duplicates which could create confusion of versions in the future.

👉 Speed up your content writing and construction phases

When you have collected and structured knowledge, you have built a network that will make it easier and faster to create new content. Set your writing focus, for example, and you'll just start collecting content bouncing around in your notes to build your paper frictionlessly (and linking to sources effortlessly).

👉 Free yourself from the limits of traditional digital tools

No more copying and pasting and duplicating content: now content can remain unique but be integrated everywhere as needed.

The organization of your data is no longer linear and limited in tree structure. You can structure a real mesh, a "graph", which perfectly respects the functioning of your brain. It will make more sense to you and therefore less effort and less fatigue in your daily use.


👉 To discover some case studies and examples (fr) 📚 Go to my Notion page with partners like Villette Makerz, EDF R, Cher ami...


If you feel that these digital tools can meet your needs, do not hesitate to contact me directly and let's talk about it. 👇

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