Sometimes to prioritize projects in the present, you already need to know what future you want to create. From a fictitious creation of a desired future, it is possible to trace the return to the present and all the steps to be implemented along the way. Thus, it is possible to determine the first actions to be implemented today to move in the direction of the future that we wish to see exist.

Benefits of Design fiction

👉 Writing the future of your business together

👉 Determine with precision the next concrete actions to build this future

👉 Align the vision and intentions of all stakeholders

👉 Involve and emotionally engage all your teams in a major common project

👉 Make daily actions consistent with long-term ambitions


👉 To discover some case studies and examples (fr) 📚 Go to my Notion page


If you feel that the Design fiction process can meet the needs of your project, do not hesitate to contact me directly and let's talk about it. 👇

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