Practice of writing to capture information at each stage of a project and enrich the base of resources and knowledge necessary for its proper development.

Benefits of documentation 

Documentation means capturing in near real time all the information that emerges during cooperative working hours and project times. By capturing everything, it is the guarantee of not missing anything and of harvesting resources for tomorrow that will make it possible to work more efficiently, save time and save a lot of energy rather than trying to retain everything and risk increase errors due to fatigue.

👉 Keep a useful history of your projects and all your meetings

During a project, a lot of information should not be forgotten and documenting meetings and working times allows you to create this memory that can be accessed later when needed.

👉 Remember everyone's contributions and integrate them into each step of your projects

Working together means taking advantage of the richness of all the participants, but missing out on the contributions of some or forgetting them means missing out on this richness. By documenting, it is sure to "capture" all the information to be able to come back to it when the time comes and make it an actionable resource. A person will not be present tomorrow but what he left will always be useful.

👉 Facilitate and accelerate the design of your deliverables

With good documentation practices, it's fun and easy to capture, store, qualify, and organize project data. Thus, when it is necessary to synthesize and structure a presentation at the end of the project, all the material is already accessible and only requires analysis, rewriting and fine formatting.

👉 Streamline multi-stakeholder cooperation

You don't need everyone to always be present at every meeting to keep everyone on the same level of information. Good documentation is accessible, easy to read and contains all the necessary information.

👉 Make it easy to integrate new contributors into a project or a community

When you onboard a new person, you must quickly make them aware of the topics covered. With a good information system combining clear documentation and accessible summaries, it is possible to get someone on board very effectively in a project.


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