Create a digital space facilitating cooperative writing and learning and knowledge sharing through an open and public network information architecture.

Benefits of digital gardening 

Taking notes is good, keeping a personal blog or structuring an internal company wiki too. The culture of the "digital garden" extends this: taking notes, structuring articles, creating knowledge and resources but all of this publicly accessible to allow others to come and enrich this content and transform simple seeds into precious fruits! It is a place to write together, think together and build together, for the benefit of all “gardeners”.

👉 Building your digital neural networks

It all starts with your digital brain, organized your way: it's your garden. There are seeds, saplings and tall trees. The content is not uniform but it is not necessary to wait for a finalized book to bind and make usable each note taken. Building a digital garden means planting notes, making them grow by watering them so that they become gradually more complex articles and objects, but all in the same garden where each element is enriched by another , regardless of developments.

👉 Organize, classify and link your digital content to make it usable and actionable

Capturing content, taking notes, storing those notes is one thing. But to be able to come back to them, link them to other notes and allow mutual enrichment, you need good practices of organization, markup, links and “composting”. With the right “system”, you will have a veritable treasure trove of accessible knowledge.

👉 Create a knowledge and resource management system for your business

Classify all your documents in Google drive: it's files, in folders, in folders... with a lot of objects, it quickly becomes difficult to organize: "but what to store where when it could come in lots of places different? -" How to find this resource, where did I put it? ". With the right tools, it is possible to organize your information no longer in folders but in "graphs" allowing you to link and organize all your knowledge in a much freer, logical and accessible way.

👉 Manage and organize all your projects more easily

Organizing and managing projects is like organizing and managing data: with good practices, everything becomes clearer and more accessible and saves a lot of time and energy! For example, why repeat the same thing twice if it has already been done?

👉 Manage, organize and distribute all your content more efficiently

One of the major problems in organizations and project management is communication... The dissemination of information is not necessarily about sending this information but also about making it easily accessible and "just" sending the information where to find it. With a shared digital garden, it's super easy to navigate to find what you're looking for and only when you need it.


👉 To discover some case studies and examples (fr) 📚 Go to my Notion page with partners like Archipel Kyosei...


If you feel that the digital gardening approach can meet your needs, do not hesitate to contact me directly and let's talk about it. 👇

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