The right tools and uses of digital improve the quality of a project's development and reduce the cognitive load.

Benefits of digital best practices

Digital can be a real ally in everyday life, a "second brain" to free your main brain, an assistant that will remember what you need for later and provide you with knowledge, resources, reminders only when it's needed. is necessary, so as not to overload you with information. With good digital practices, you use digital in the sense of reducing stress and mental load, giving you the energy to work on what really matters to you.

👉 Reduce digital disruption

In a world of work that is becoming predominantly digital, those who master the tools and uses have “superpowers”. They are able to go faster, perform better and be more efficient with less effort and fatigue. The objective of sharing good digital practices is to open up these powers to a greater number of people and thus reduce the gaps between individuals.

👉 Cancel resistance to change

Often when we don't want to change our habits it is mainly because we are asked to take a step too big, too far, too fast! The evolution of digital uses must be done step by step and in accordance with the initial rhythms and habits of each. Starting from individuals to propose changes step by step is an integral part of the integration of new digital practices.

👉 Use digital tools as real resources to develop your projects

Digital technology and its tools should not add complexity or constraints. They are there to provide more freedom to work on what really matters to the project. Good practices make it possible to overcome all the necessary side effects of each project that can be managed by the machine: administrative, repetitive tasks, dissemination of information, project monitoring, etc...

👉 Save time, save energy and make better use of your attention

Good tools are one thing, but more importantly, why and how we use them. If there is alignment between needs and practices, a lot of friction disappears from daily life and therefore a lot of time is freed up. And who says more time means less wasted energy and therefore more attention available to get on with what really matters.

👉 Reduce stress and cognitive overload

Increasingly, projects are complex and require the processing of a high level of information. More and more, we are daily subjected to a quantity of information that we can no longer manage with our brain alone. By implementing good digital practices, with the right tools, we can make digital our "second brain" which will be an extension of our memory by storing the necessary information for later and allowing us to think only of what is needed for now, significantly reducing stress and mental load.


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