Asking the right question at the right time generates relevant, creative, adequate answers ... and reveals the essence of what the project needs.

The dialectic is a process of progression, from questions to questions, from the first hypotheses to the discovery of the main issues that the project must address as a priority. With these priority questions placed at the heart of the project, 80% of the path to a solution has already been made. To find the right questions, you have to learn how to formulate them: asking the right questions is a science.

Benefits of dialectic

👉 Find the right questions to guide the development of a project.

Finding the right questions to address ensures that the investments and development of a project are pointed in the right direction.

👉 Develop projects that respond to real opportunities.

A good understanding of the project depends on the precision and clarity of the questions asked. With the right questions, turn your ideas from invisible concepts into tangible building blocks.

👉 Guide problem-solving sessions

👉 Easily guide your team

🚧 (work in progress...)


👉 To discover some case studies and examples (fr) 📚Go to my Notion page


If you feel that the dialectic process can meet the needs of your project, do not hesitate to contact me directly and let's talk about it. 👇

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