The most complete approach to integrate a large number of people from the initiation of a project and take into account a large number of constraints and data.

Benefits of co-construction

Co-constructing a project makes it possible to de-risk this project, to ensure that all the work is based on all the necessary information and resources coming directly from the actors involved in the process. This approach may seem more complex, but it is actually facilitated by the participation of facilitators, tools and methods allowing to work in cooperation with a large number of actors, even in a complex context.

👉 Initiate a project by integrating all stakeholders

initiating a project without taking into account the participation of all the people who will be involved is the first mistake that can create many complications later.

the principle of co-construction integrates upstream of the project the good understanding of the entire ecosystem of past, present and future actors and will invite them to participate in the collective intelligence process.

👉 Take into account everyone's contributions

The more diversity there is to think about and build a project, the more it is a rich, adapted and creative project in output. Thanks to the contribution of collective intelligence, it is possible to bring out offbeat, fair, innovative and surprising projects.

👉 Actually do "with" your users rather than "for"

One of the cultural biases still major today: creating a product or service for users but without them throughout the process. Co-construction (or co-design) is on the contrary a cooperative approach which will mainly integrate the end users as actors of the project and thus ensure that their needs are perfectly satisfied.

👉 Drastically reduce the risks of negative feedback that will occur during the life of the project

If all the actors are integrated into the project from the start and if among them are present the main beneficiaries of the project, then the appearance of opponents to the project or the fact of taking a wrong direction during the development of the project is greatly reduced. .

👉 Make sure to always develop the project in line with real needs and expectations

Working with all the necessary viewpoints and with users at the heart of the process means stopping working on the basis of assumptions that risk leading the project design in the wrong direction.


👉 To discover some case studies and examples (fr) 📚 Go to my Notion page with partners like Université Lyon2, French Tech One, Cooperactiv, EDF R, Saint Gobain...


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