Each contributor to a team can work whenever they want, especially remotely, significantly reducing the number of unnecessary meetings and increasing the quality of the work produced.

Benefits of Async teamwork

Asynchronous work is a facet of work that is developing more and more thanks to the possibilities opened up by digital technology. It is no longer necessary to trigger a meeting or send an email each time you want to communicate information or work remotely as a team. There is a whole panoply of tools and especially good practices that will free up time and energy and make communication and cooperation more fluid throughout the life of a project.

👉 Reduce by 3 the number of meetings

Meetings are too time-consuming because they are used for everything: passing on information, asking questions, co-constructing, seeking a decision and validation, aligning teams, etc... it is possible to get rid of + 80% meetings using asynchronous to meet most of the needs mentioned: messaging, audio or video to share information and ask questions, documentation and resource sheets accessible to all on a common information system, etc...

👉 Improve distance communication

Communicating remotely is not essentially video and email. there are many other ways to convey information, deliver knowledge, manage a project and a team. the asynchronous and its good practices come to fluidify the exchanges and the interactions when one is far from each other.

👉 Streamline project management

Often a team project is divided into a multitude of meetings: kick-off, catch-up, follow-up and other moments during which there are not always the right people and especially for which it is necessary to cross the agendas. With the asynchronous you free yourself from these constraints by setting up a whole device allowing each actor of a project to access information when he needs it and thus allow him to follow, react and evolve his tasks. and the project without multiplying appointments.

👉 Simplify cooperation

Difficult to have the right people available at the same time when needed. not easy to keep everyone aligned and at the same level of information throughout the project. Even more difficult not to drown everyone in a flood of emails and... meetings! Asynchronous work is precisely getting out of all that, with the information available in the right places, the tasks known to everyone and the progress of the project readable in real time.

👉 Respect and optimize the time and energy of all contributors to a project

Nothing worse than blocking 5 participants in a meeting for 1 hour and half of them not feeling directly concerned! Meetings, especially videoconferences, require time and above all a lot of energy, energy which is then no longer available to work on what really matters. With good asynchronous practices, it is ensured to organize meetings only with the right people and at the right time while allowing others to remain at the same level of information on the evolutions of the project.


👉 To discover some case studies and examples (fr) 📚 Go to my Notion page with partners like Neoz conseil, DS Ltd, Playgnrd...


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